"Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maxi­mum service to God and the people about us."

Alcoholics Anonymous, page 77 (Into Action)

In the event a chairwoman doesn't show up for her commitment, please remember this is GOD's meeting and our personal responsibility is to step up and open the meeting (for those with the host code) Please do not send a text advising no one is there, be cognizant of sensitive feelings and ask if someone can cover. Generally, there will be someone in the meeting who is willing to step in and chair.

Sign up to be a Meeting Chairperson

If you are interested in becoming a meeting chairperson for one of the Sisters in Sobriety Texas meetings, please send an email to

3rd Quarter 2022 – Meeting Chair Schedule

Meeting Scripts

Regular Meeting Script (and Newcomer’s Script)

Regular Meeting Script (Jun 2022)
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Big Book/Step Study Meeting Script

(Big Book/12 & 12)
Meeting Script
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Speaker Meeting Script

Speaker Meeting Script
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Birthday Night Script

Birthday Night Meeting Script
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Sisters in Sobriety 7th Tradition "Basket"

Make checks payable to:

SIS Texas

3807 Ponderosa Peak Drive

Spring, TX 77386

For the meeting, copy and paste this link in the chat-box so members may contribute using PayPal

Information to Copy and Paste into Chat

Anonymity and Housekeeping

For security and a sense of fellowship, please turn on your video for the duration of the meeting unless you are unable to do so. Please maintain the tradition of anonymity and use headphones if there are other people nearby.

We ask that when discussing our problems, we must confine ourselves to those solutions as they relate to alcoholism. When sharing your experience, strength and hope, please stay on topic, keep your share to under 3 minutes, and remember that the lack of profanity will offend no one.

When you wish to share, you may unmute yourself or use the ‘raise hand’ feature.

Crosstalk is Discouraged

Crosstalk includes giving advice in another share or in the chat to others who have already shared, speaking directly to another person rather than to the group, and questioning or interrupting the person speaking at that time.

Sponsorship and Fellowship

We strongly believe in sponsorship and fellowship at Sisters In Sobriety Texas. If you are willing to be a sober contact or sponsor please share your name and number in the chat. If you need a private SIS TX sober contact / sponsor list, message the host or co-host your name and phone and they will send you one after the meeting.

Learn more about SISTEX

Check out our website at . There you will find our meeting schedules, announcements, and listen to past speaker meetings. Click on the “CONNECT” tab to join our contact list.

7th Tradition Basket

Go to our website or click on to contribute. Your contributions keep our meeting rooms open and provide information and literature to newcomers.


Need a Sobriety Chip? Send your information to Include your sober date, name, and mailing address.

Meeting Verifications

If you need an attendance verification, please email: Please include your name, the date, and meeting time. The Group Secretary will respond within 24-48 hrs

Below are some images you can copy and paste in chat or in SMS messaging.

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On a computer, right-click on image - save image as - save to Desktop, then send to celebrant.
If using a phone, touch and hold the image to get the menu - choose "download image" - open - then share/send to celebrant.

Meeting Chair Responsibilities

meeting chair responsibilities.docx

Security and Co-Chair Responsibilities

Security Sister Guide.pdf